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to beckley, west virginia. you see the president of the united states there. he's at this memorial service. also west virginia governor joe manchin there. a number of other dignitaries. what's happening right now there in beckley is family members of the 29 victims of this month's coal mine explosion are filing in. you see the white crosses there just in the backdrop. what we understand will happen is a number of the family members, one representative of each of the 29 families, will actually have a helmet and place the helmet on each of the 29 crosses that represent the 29 men who were killed in that underground explosion. we also understand maybe roughly about 15 minutes after the hour, president obama will deliver the eulogy. we understand it might be about ten minutes long. of course, he'll talk about the collective grief that people are feeling as a result of this explosion and the lives lost, and he will also try to offer some assurances that some measures of safety will be put into place for future coal miners and other communities that have such great investments in the coal mining
in your stomach when you know something is bad. >> this morning in west virginia, crews are not letting go of hope that they may still find survivors. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 continues right now. spars. >>> glad you're with us at 6:00 as we take a look at traffic commuting on the wilson bridge this morning. very comfortable commute although you might need the ac for the trip home today. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news this tuesday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. we'll get to our weather in just a minute. we do want to give you the latest on that deadly palestine exploon in west virginia. 25 workers are dead and four are still missing. the search has been called off because of poor ventilation. that is happening in west virginia about 30 miles outside of charleston. >> officials say the chances of survival are slim but the crews don't want to give up. they do still consider this a rescue mission. they will go back inside once it is safe. missing miners did not make it to one of the two chambers stocked with food and extra oxygen however. >>> here in th
incidents or accidents. as we take you back to our real time map. the worst spot in virginia is definitely this long sea of red on 95 heading southbound, it's going to take close to two hours right now to get from 495 all the way to triangle. this is without any incidents out there either and finally, as i said earlier, cherry blossom festival in full swing, as you can see at 14th and independence. a lot of traffic. a lot of people walking the streets. be careful and my advice for today and the rest of the weekend, please take public transportation. guys, back to you. >> all right patranya. police say one woman and a teenage girl were attacked inside a metro station garage. investigators think the same man is behind the assaults at the largo town center station. they don't know why metro waited so long to tell the public. more on this story. deborah: >> the first rape police say happened on the fourth level of this garage. now, people we talked with say they are not happy about not being alerted. >> it is scary to know that a rape happened right here. it would have been nice to be told
. it was in back of the vehicle. >> all right, lindsey, thank you for that. west virginia's governor says family members of the men still missing after a mine explosion are holding on to a sliver of hope. but about an hour ago, officials announced the gas in the mine is too dangerous for rescuers to get back inside. this is all taking place in the tiny town of monte coal, west virginia. katherine brown has the latest. >> reporter: crews are making headway high above a west virginia mine where four men are still missing. they are drilling holes through a thousand feet of earth and rock. >> we put an exhausting fan on that hole. >> rescuers can't go back in until the gas gets vented out. investigators believe a buildup of methane contributed to the huge explosion that killed 25 miners on monday. but this is still a rescue operation until the other four miners are located. >> everyone is holding on to the hope that their dad or that's their brother or that's their son. >> crews on the surface are trying to send a signal to the missing men who may have been able to make it to an airtight chambe
returned their census forms. the breakdown also looks good for the washington region. in virginia, 57% of the forms have been returned. while in maryland, 54% of household forms have been returned. in the district, the number is 47%. but if you are one of the millions that have yet to return yours, you may want to get on that. tracie potts is working the big story this afternoon and is live on capitol hill. hi, tracie. >> reporter: good afternoon. today is not the deadline day yes. those numbers for maryland and virginia look good. they are above the national average. but this year, census officials say they think they may have a little more difficulty tracking people down because of the housing crisis. ♪ you probably heard those hip new ads and should have the census form by now. the government counts everyone live something the u.s. through april 1st which means this newborn will be one of the last ones counted. local officials are making a big deal at rallies all over the country today and here is why. >> every missed resident could lose $13,000. >> reporter: all about the money.
virginia community koeps with tragedy. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. drilling began late tuesday and continues at this hour to save those four trapped men. prettiers are working to clear enough poisonous gas from the upper big branch mine in west virginia to help rescue workers begin entering and searching. investigators believe an accumulation of the gas may have contributed to the blast. it killed at least 25 miners, making it the worst u.s. mining accident in more than two decades. crews have been drilling holes into the mine in an effort to vent methane. we begin our coverage with steve handelsman. he is live near the scene of this deadly explosion in naoma, west virginia. what's the latest? >> reporter: good evening. here at the upper big branch mine complex, short time ago, officials were bringing us up to date. not a lot of ee norm us headline material but they did confirm when they first punched threw the mine, atmosphere in there was as they feared and expected, contaminated badly with methane. if the four guys alive, they would only be alive if they m
. live in vince, la larks i'm jay gray. jim, back to you. >> jay, thank you. >>> northern virginia congressman jim moran says today he asked the interior secretary to reconsider a allowing offshore drilling. in the letter congressman moran says regardless of ideology the situation should give everyone pause regarding expansion of offshore drilling. it is becoming increasingly likely the gulf states are looking at an economic and environmental disaster not seen since the exx"exxon valdez." moran says virginia's fishing and coastal tourism industries are vital to the economy. and if exploration off the virginia coast. make sure the scope of the problems is understood before any drilling permits or leases are allowed. >>> there may now be a criminal probe of the company that runs the west virginia mine where 29 people died earlier this month. a federal law enforce many official says that the fbi has interviewed nearly t two dozen former and current massey energy employees. the official says the fbi is looking for evidence that the richmond based company engaged in criminal negligence
. at a briefing, the governor of west virginia and senator jay rockefeller said they were talking to victims families and urging them to pray to stick together until more information could be learned. >> negotiation knows so everyone is going to cling on to that hope of a miracle. if there is one miracle, two, three, or four miracles, one is of their husband, dad or brother or their son. >> reporter: it's a tragedy that is hard to -- in any form to watch people breathing and to pray and hold out your hand and touch and to reach for somebody's hand when they start to pray and that is part of it. >> the governor knows what he's talking about. in 2006, during the sago mine disaster that killed 49, randall mccloy was pulled from that mine after being in the methane gas environment for 40 hours and the hope, they can start drilling tonight and they can penetrate by 2 or 3 tomorrow. once it's vented out of the mine shaft, they hope to get the teams back in there and gate get answers on who survived and didn't make it out. >> live in west virginia, tom fitzgerald and back to you. >>> predent obama
, but you can see we have some unsettled weather coming out of west virginia. a somewhat complicated low pressure center, which means basically on and off showers, maybe a few thunderstorms. we're not expecting severe thunderstorms. but still, maybe a heavy downpour. cooler and quiet whether as a go through the end of april. -- cool and quiet weather as we go through the end of april. >> across the south, at least 12 are known dead. we have the latest now on the region trying to recover. >> and many in gaza city, mississippi had just seconds -- in yazou city mississippi, many have just seconds to find cover. as this man hit behind the pulpit in his church, it crashed down around him. a system moving through the south and midwest toward their own buildings, uprooted trees -- tore down buildings, uprooted trees. this was once a small grocery, now rubble, inside or six people, including robin sullivan -- inside were six people, including ron sullivan. he and his group survived, but the violent storm claimed the lives of 10 in mississippi, including a baby and two children. two more died in
. >>> virginia marked the start of the week with a number of events across the state. governor bob mcdonald said he is moving forward with efforts to conserve 400,000 of open space helping to protect the chesapeake pay and stake virginia as a green job zone. the republican leader is urging state residents to join him in conserving. >> what a change this past weekend. we were freezing at a baseball game yesterday the wind doesn't help. that's what made it uncomfortable. in the sun out of the wind would have been okay. milder tomorrow. you're going to like that. >> we're looking at a midweek storm system. we'll talk more about that. we're in pretty good shape tonight and tomorrow. here's your forecast first. the next three days sunshine tomorrow. maybe not as crystal clear as today. and rain and showers develop on wednesday. low 60s and back to sunshine on thursday with temperatures in the mid-60s. tonight look for clear skies and chilly. low temperatures 39 to 49. winds out of the north at about 10:00 and so the winds aren't going to become much a factor after the sun goes down. we're looking at
. >>> we start in west virginia where hope is fading but it is still there that rescue crews will be able to get back into the upper big branch mine and find four missing west virginia miners alive. the search teams got the all clear and made a mad bash back inside. yesterday they got within 500 feet but forced to turn back because of dangerous gas levels and fears of possibly another explosion. one of two injured miners who survived has been released by the hospital. the ap reports he's not talking to anyone this morning. give us a sense of how optimistic they are as they get set to go back into the mine and look for the four missing mine re rers. >> reporter: they are still hopeful. keep in mind we're at hour 6 since the fatal blast in naoma, west virginia. these men should have made it by this point to the long wall. section 22, this is this 2,000 foot stretch of wall deep inside this coal mine where the rescue teams believe three of the four missing miners are located and also where they've been honing in on this rescue chamber. as everyone been repeating, if there's any hope of survi
. through central virginia and into the central shenandoah valley, temperatures a couple degrees above freezing. lower valleys may have patchy frost. right around washington no frost. mid 40s in prince george's county, montgomery, fairfax counties now in the low 40s. low 40s northern shenandoah valley and around the panhandle of west virginia and eastern shore. view from space shows a clear skies here and we'll have lots of sunshine this morning and by later on this afternoon we should be warming up into the mid 60s with a diminishing wind. it's been blustery over the weekend. likely we'll make it into the mid 40s by dawn tomorrow. should be clear. and then a mostly sunny day on tuesday. again, highs reaching mid 60s and then on wednesday, we'll have morning lows in the upper 40s. afternoon highs mid 60s. quite a bit of cloudiness on wednesday. a small chance of a few sprinkles and partly sunny. highs mid 60s. let's check on traffic for this monday morning. how is it looking? >> welcome back, tom. let's look at the inner loop from the american legion bridge to i-270 overnight road work
. >> the plan is to make america less dependent on foreign oil. president says virginia will be the first atlantic seaboard statelingible to resume drilling for oil and natural gas. the virginia governor says that decision is a positive step in energy exploration. >> a year ago, when i was just a candidate for govenor, i talked about a vision of having virginia be the energy capital of the east coast and it would take a comprehensive approach to energy development. >> environmental groups are opposed to mri oil platforms off of the coast. >> coming up next, supporters say it is a simple safety move. opponents say it is meant to force immigrants off the road. >> talking about what big change that could be coming to the weight one state gives its driver's license tests. >>> five d.c. men arrested for plotting a terror attack. they take another step toward learning their fate. ñ'ñ'ññoç÷]]óéñ÷÷ññóÑ,ñnn ?y;p;p/0ñññ÷÷qqaaaek]]suwwqukkksggokjÑ=;vjÑ3ñçogñgñgÑÑç??oóco!%%áh÷pñpñhñx÷x÷xñx÷0ñ ñ ñ'ñ ?p?p?p?p?p?p?p/p/p?p/p/pó
of new hampshire avenue. northern virginia, a quiet start so far, a you make the trip north of out of fredericksburg to dale city, all travel lanes reported open. >>> a new video shows the brutal beating of a university of maryland student at the hands of police officers. it happened as crowds celebrated a big win for the basketball team last month. now police have suspended one officer and are trying to identify a second to punish. news4's jacky benson has the story. >> we know he's singing a fight song. we know from the other video, he didn't say a word to the officers, they don't give him any orders. and you can see what they do. >> reporter: attorney christopher griffith said these images show what happened to his client, 22-year-old jonathan mckenna. said the injuries required head staples. and prince george's county police the night of march 3rd, when students filled into the downtown college park. both students were charged with assaulting mounted police officers. documents charge that the men struck the officers and the horses, the and that both men were kicked by the horse
intensifies for four miners after monday's deadly blast at a west virginia coal mine. recrews are making proing res while families for the 25 killed are making final arrangements. west virginia governor joe manchin telling us rescuers have made a breakthrough completing one of the four bore holes in the area where miners are believed to be. that hole is an exhaust port using high-pressure fans to fill the gas-filled mine with clean air. here's the heart wrenching reality. there's been no response from any of the missing miners as rescuers continue to knock on pipes hoping those miners will reply. we've got big-time team coverage. "american morning's" john roberts live in naoma with the part of this. chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta, as well, medically speaking, could the four remaining miners still be alive? and ed lavandera praying that that answer is yes. john, you actually talked to the ceo of this mine. let's go ahead and listen to his defense as you grilled him on production, profits and mine safety. >> wield disagree in terms of the condition of our mines. a number of
an underground explosion monday the west virginia coal mine. rescue crews are tunneling for four others trapped beneath 1,000 feet of rock. pamela brown is following the story and comes to us live with details. >> officials said it could take hours or days before crews can go back in the mine because of the rising methane gas levels. we are learning more about the 25 victims. three of them are from one family. another victim is a 62-year-old who was just five weeks away from retiring. shock spread as families found out their loved ones were killed in yesterday's explosion. >> the pride that went out -- the cry that when that was something i would never forget. that is the hardest thing i ever had to watch happened. >> rescue teams are securing the offer of mine before climbing 1,000 feet down to continue their search. >> the drilling is to that debate -- ventilate but before we send the rescue teams beckoned. -- back >> officials believe it was toxic gas buildup that set off th explosion yesterday afternoon. it was a blast so powerful that twisted the railroad tracks in the mine. one worker rec
and inclusive place for people of every race, gender, background, and faith." she was also a virginia native, born in richmond. bob mcdonnell has asked all state flags fly at half mast today. kathy park, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> more details. she had been in the hospital since her 98 birthday last month. she was on the platform at the lincoln memorial when martin luther king delivered his "i have a dream" speech. she died of natural causes. >>> major waterboarded is being lifted for residents across northwest washington. residents across northwest were told not to use water because of a spike in chlorine levels. you should not shower or drink it. the warning now just applies to wait six-block radius. and that radius is shrinking. >>> the house has abandoned legislation giving d.c. a vote in congress. it will now likely not take it up at all this year. steny hoyer said a major problem was its inclusion of a provision eliminating the top gun control laws. >>> there is no suspects in the murder of a popular principle found dead in his home. last wednesday, officials say brian betts was sti
in west virginia to look at what went wrong in last week's deadly mine explosion. if they're searching for the last four missing miners -- they found the bodies this weekend. the death toll is 29. the worst mining disasters in nearly four decades. if the west virginia governor has called for a moment of silence at 3:30 today in memory of the victims. >>> maryland pose a general assembly is kremlin to wrap up unfinished business before lawmakers adjourned at midnight tonight. on this final day, several proposals are still in limbo, including measures to tighten laws against sex offenders and require higher child support payments. another bill considered would give school and police for new powers to fight gangs. >>> today's nuclear summit will mean some of the worst gridlock our area has seen in years, but the metro region is no stranger to the daily grind. there's a new polls showing more and more people are opting out. pull-ups do it is at tysons corner to tell us how. >> if there are more people on the roads. >> that appears to be the original opinion. according to a new washington
to be donors is low. >> reporter: the percentage of people registered as organ donors in virginia is almost twice as great as it is across the river in d.c. but now there is a new campaign designed to change that and boost organ donation across the country. the washington regional transplant community launched 30 days of videos on you tube. >> medi-vac'd to the hospital and he died. >> reporter: there are stories of organ donors and recipients. bobby heheay's is one of those. she received a transplant in 2006. >> i felt so good. it's a special feeling with transplant. you appreciate things you didn't appreciate before that you took for granted. i am blessed. >> for kiley's situation, she died of sids. there is no cure, no reason. her organs went to medical research. i hope one day in eithe my lifetime or kiley's little sister there will be a cure and kiley will help save other bies. >> reporter: another way for kiley to live on. in virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> if you want to see more of the videos, visit >>> wicked weather bringing another dose of bad weather. in lake
inside that west virginia coal mine to figure out what caused an explosion that killed 29 workers. that's because high levels of dangerous gases are still inside and one investigator says it could be coming from a fire somewhere inside the mine. meanwhile, a public memorial service is planned for this sunday in beckley, west virginia. the president and vice president are planning to tand twonchlgts men accused in connection with the mass shootings are set to appear in court. they were arrested and charged in the drive-by that killed four people and injured five others last month. and the police are looking for a fifth suspect. meanwhile, a 14-year-old originally charged in the shootings was publicly exonerated yesterday. generating anger among some of the victims' families. news4's tracee wilkins reports. >> as the investigation progressed, there was definitely development among the witnesses in terms of the interand what they were saying. >> reporter: one of the developments led to the exoneration of a 14-year-old who police originally fingered as the getaway driver in the deadliest ma
in the middle of a tornado. >> an explosion rocks a west virginia mine 1,000 feet under ground. >> i just started getting these phone calls. they asked me if kevin was working the evening or day. and when i told them, the evening. they told me there had been an explosion. >> we're live with the latest on the investigation. questions about this mine's long history of safety problems, as the families and community come together to mourn. >> breaking news coverage on "good morning america," the tragedy in west virginia. >>> and it has now been 16 hours since the deadly explosion at the massey energy company's upper big branch coal mine in west virginia. it's the worst blast since 1984. officials still hoping they will find some survivors. but they have warned the families the situation is dire. >> it is. and we know at least 25 miners were killed in the blast. four others are still missing more than 1,000 feet under ground. the crews had to halt the search and rescue efforts overnight because of the buildup of gas in the mine. >> the buildup of methane gas that is highly flammable. massey co
into businesses in virginia and maryland. live in northwest washington, i'm lindsey, 9news now. >> lindsey, you had a chance to talk to some of those tourists. how much are they spending on average. have they said? >> a lot of tourists say they are trying to watch their budget, so they are going to a lot of the local vendors and not eating out at expensive restaurants. they are willing to spend more if they want something cherry inspired. when it comes to hotels, they are between $120 to $150 a night and already destination dc says they have 1,000 nights booked so far. lesli. >> they are here and they are spending and we'll take it here in the dc area. >> the best benefit is the weather itself. devon. >> temperatures well into the 70s in many places. many of us in the lower 80s. this is a dilema of mine. national is notorious for being warmer than everyone else. right now they are 73. everyone else is well into the upper 70s. we even have 80s showing up west. we have an update to that national temperature? no, we are still at 73. some of us outside of washington and see where we are. we hav
degrees in fredericksburg, virginia. our forecast for today mostly sunny. away from the bay, bay locations will have some bay breeze. up 70s and low 80s today and tomorrow another little you so much of summer time across the area with highs once again nosing in on 80 degrees. it's so nice outside you can almost tolerate sitting in some traffic. >> not a lot to sit in this morning. that's very good news. along interstate 270 the southbound flow, left side of your screen no worries, lanes are open. only iss you may run into southbound are the bright lights for the northbound road work that's tying up the left half of the roadway. those lights are extremely bright indeed. the trip along 95 northbound out of lorton up to the capital beltway, incident free. check your speeds this morning. as we head out on the beltway, springfield across the wilson bridge only seven minutes. continuing to move along nicely up to route 50 and between route 50 and college park a mere eight minutes. eun, pat, back to you. >>> looks good. >>> time now is 5:23. ahead in the news this morning the d.c. taxi bribery sc
explosion in west virginia. four miners are still missing, but because of dangerous levels of toxic gas, rescuers have been forced to temporary halt the search. all family members can do is wait and pray "today," tuesday, april 6th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. >>> it is devastating and a frustrationing situation down in west virginia where rescue workers have now been forced to suspend their search for four missing miners due to high levels of methane gas. at least 25 people are now confirmed dead due to monday's explosion in what is now this country's deadliest mining disaster in a quarter century. officials are hoping the four men were able to reach one of several air-tight safety chambers where there is food, water and enough oxygen to survive for four days. >> at this point the cause of the explosion which happened 3:00 local time monday afternoon is still unknown but mine something a very dangerous profession and there have been deaths at this particular mine in the past.
>>> good morning. breaking news. they're in. rescue crews have entered that west virginia coal mine to resume their search for four missing miners and it could be just hours before we know what happened to them. we're live at the scene. >>> air scare. a major security incident on a united airlines flight from washington to denver. fighter jets scrambled, other airlines alerted of a possible terror attack. turns out it was all apparently caused by a passenger smoking in the bathroom. >>> and one big step. president obama and his russian counterpart sign a landmark treaty overnight to slash both countries' nuclear arsenal. a key move toward the president's goal of ridding the world of nuclear weapons "today," thursday, april 8th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. this morning there has been a major break-through at that west virginia coal mine where at least 25 workers were killed in monday's explosion. >> that's right. after spending more than a day drilling ventilation hole
started this morning with a complicated car wreck. in virginia, the debacle is on 395 now. this is northbound near glebe road with an accident that has been moved into the far right lane. only one line -- only one lane was getting for but delays are out of newington to get past the pentagon. it is much better in maryland where we go live. no problems reported on 270 and no delays on a sunny day on come >>> temperatures are in the 50's. the forecast for today calls for increasing clouds of this afternoon and huge showers later this night. it will be cooler and receive for the weekend, highs near 60. >> we will be right back. [ male announcer ] what drives us to engineer the world's first hybrid sedan powered by a compact lithium-ion battery? what drives us to create a hydrogen electric car that emits only water? and to build a vehicle that earned the world green car award. and to engineer bluetec clean diesel technology. what drives us is the desire to create not only the best cars in the world, but for it. announcing the s400 hybrid. a cleaner, safer future is what drives
searched the boaters. found on the virginia side of heater's island. >>> that search is underway for the man in the washington county area who may have witnessed a murder. police believe he was at a campus party in houston, when a fight broke out. a gunman fired into that crowd killing the 18-year-old. calling him a person of interest. no charges have been filed in that case. >>> friends and family said a final good-bye to the 20-year- old whose funeral was held today in maryland. a second student of the district was wounded in that shooting. tyrone hall claims he shot the two basketball players in self- defense. the president insists that the school is the safest campus in maryland, despite the shootings. >>> social workers are racking up parking tickets and fines while operating the city vehicles. in many cases, no one is paying up and little is being done to collect the fine. bruce johnson explains why in this r report. >> reporter: this is the 500 block of indiana avenue northwest. finding illegal parking spaces might be compared to hit the lottery. >> have you found anything
us over. i'm virginia cha, hln news and views. let's get to our top story now. rescuers are fanning out across mississippi looking through shattered homes for survivors. at least one tornado ripped through the state. ten people are dead and three of them are children. yazoo county and the central part of the state took the hardest hit to. the east choctaw county also got smashed. meteorologists don't know if the same tornado cut one long arc of destruction or if it was multiple twisters causing this damage a. survivors are just saying they're happy to be alive. >> it was unbelievable. when the wind was exploded it was like anything i never experienced. it was amazing. it scared us plum to death. i'm very fortunate. i have four beautiful children. i couldn't imagine being without them. as tragic as it is, we lost family members and our hearts go out to them. we're lucky to be here. you don't realize how lucky you do have it until something like this happens. >> tornadoes were reported in four states from arkansas east to alabama. >>> the environmental fallout from the massive oil rig
that west virginia mine where 25 workers died so the search can begin again for those four missing miners. the sister of one of those missing speaks out in a live terview this morning. >>> how did she know? new evidence including secret jailhouse letters in the casey anthony case. prosecutors say it shows the florida mother knew specific details of her 2-year-old daughter's murder before police told her about them. >>> and royal wedding? is prince william finally set to announce his long-awaited engagement to girlfriend kate middleton? speculation sweeping in from across the atlantic "today," wednesday, april 7th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm meredith vieira. >>> the frantic round-the-clock work in west virginia has not stopped. crews try desperately to reach those four missing miners that's been more than a day and a half after monday's explosion that killed 125 others. >> right now teams are working as fast as they can. we understand they completed one of those ventilation hole
in west virginia. the blast happened minutes ago 30 miles south of charleston. according to a state mining official six people dead, 21 others unaccounted for at this hour. we'll give you new details as they come in. >>> montgomery police grieving the loss of one of their own, hector ayala. he was in his patrol car when he swerved off the road and hit a tree. today fellow officers paid tribute to their fallen colleague and friend. >>department lost one hell of an officer. i lost one hell of a friend. i told him that i wanted to build my career following in his footsteps. >> ayala's fellow officers are encouraging friends and co-workers to write a story about him so his children who never got to know him will at least have something to remind them of the man, father and officer he was and would have been. >>> new information in a homegrown terror plot. the american-born woman known as jihad jane set to make her first court appearance facing federal charges. >> stomp your foot and it's measured like they measure an earthquake. the world has seen a lot of quakes lately. i'm beth park
that the abuse began around christmas and the boy had internal injuries. >>> a 16-year-old boy in virginia is suspected of possessing, reproducing, and distributing child pornography over the internet. a tip to the national center of missing and exploited children was given in february. >>> police hope that a second vehicle could provide new details concerning the murder of a popular dc principal. montgomery county police said that two suspects and two vehicles were likely involved in the murder of brian betts. a vehicle was detected around home around 12:13 last thursday morning. they're not describing the vehicle, but asking anyone with information to call police. >>> a military dog has gone missing for hours at dulles international airport but the dog somehow escaped from his great wednesday night and ended up on the tarmac. -- from his crate wednesday night and ended up on the tarmac. the doberman was spotted in a remote part of the airport. he is being trained to be a bomb dog. >>> coming up, all stark testimony at attacking trial in tennessee. sarah palin takes the stand. and should
disaster in west virginia, people stopped what they were doing for a moment of silence today to mark the exact hour of the explosion. ceremonies on the floor of the u.s. senate and in the state capital of charleston. and even at that moment, investigators were arriving with new questions about the company run by a powerful lightning rod in the state. david kerly has our report. >> reporter: the bodies of nine miners still lie in the upper big branch mine -- with federal investigators arriving, waiting to enter the mine. and word tonight that the u.s. attorney here says he will vigorously prosecute any criminal act that may have led to the explosion. officials will want to talk to this man, the ceo of massey energy, the owneof the mine -- don blankenship, who talked about his philosophy in a documentary. >> in the united states, you have a capitalist society, and that capitalism from a business viewpoint is survival of the most productive. >> reporter: but many complain that for blankenship, production trumps safety. >> the upper buy branch mine had the largest number of any violation
's been charged with interference with a fight crew. can get 20 years if found guilty. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell is one of 30 governors across th country who has receid life- threatening letters or threatening letters from an antigovernment group. now the fbi and homeland security officials are investigating. and more from the compartment of homeland security. >>> governor mcdonnell's office received this letter in richmond on wednesday. a spokesperson said they were turned over to both the fbi and the virginia state police and are currently the subject of an internal memo at the department of homeland security. according to the fbi, the letters demanded the governors leave office within three days or risk being removed. investigators say there is no direct violent threat in the message, but homeland security experts say antigovernment groups are being closely monitored. >> i think they're trying to be very careful and not crossing a line where they clearly would be insighting violence and trigger criminal statutes. but the fact of the matter is this is clearing up. and it
is inside standing in for ann. >>> coming up this half-hour, much more from west virginia. as you know now, rescuers have gotten into that mine after toxic gas levels have diminished. they are looking for those four missing miners after that explosion earlier in the week. we're going to have the latest from the scene and we'll have an interview for you in this half-hour with a man and his wife. this is a miner who escaped injury in that explosion. however, we should tell you he lost his son, his brother, and his nephew in that disaster. it is a very emotional interview. we'll be playing it for you in a couple of minutes. >> our thoughts and prayers are with those people there. >>> also, tiger woods makes it officials today at the masters, teeing off for the first competitive golf tournament since the sex scandal broke in november. there's also a lot of buzz around -- i know you've both seen this new nike ad, a stoic picture of tiger with his late father, earl's voice, in the background. people talking about whether fans will like this ad or whether it is in bad taste. >> donny deutsch call
to the inner loop, a mess coming out of the virginia. you have delays starting near the toll road around the new hampshire avenue. an early accident has been clean. you're slow again from route 1 to the baltimore washington parkway due to an earlier accident. moving into virginia. southbound i-95, very heavy near the beltway, down to wood bridge where another accident has been cleared. was blocking the left side. and now taking a look at i-395 in virginia. in good shape, a little bit slow from seminary down to duke street. back to you. >>> from the best mattresses to the sheets with high thread counts. coming up in tonight's consumer alert. topper. >> we are looking at sunshine, but it is fading. we'll tell you if we are looking at a welt commute in the morning. >>> all right top, how do you feel about terrell owens coming to the redskins? donovan mcnabb loves the idea. lobbying to have his former philly teammate join him in dc. details coming up when 9news now at 5:00 returns in 50 seconds. >>> we want to take you to breaking news out of ann run anarundel county. investigating a report
to inspire other people to do the best they could. >> reporter: height was born in richmond, virginia in 1912. over the years she excelled in academics, marched with martin luther king jr. are and led the national council of negro women for decades. ♪ tributes and words that included a nod to height's signature style of colorful hats. >> she loved her flowers, she loved her hats, and she loved her daily sweat potatoes. >> we came to love her as so many -- loved her. love her sto we loved her smile. we loved those hats she wore like a crown. >> reporter: a final farewell to a woman ahead of her time. michelle franzen, nbc news. >> dr. height was buried at ft. lincoln cemetery in maryland. >>> the service was open to the public. many people said they were there to celebrate, not mourn, dr. height's life. >> i'm so excited and this is just -- it is history. and i'm just glad to be here. >> she is an icon. this is a civil rights icon. i have the honor to be here in person. i got a particular. amazing day only being 19, thinking of how much time i have to make an impact, i'm excited. i'm inspire
your statute mirror the statute that is in existence in state of virginia? state of virginia has gone its own way and they have their own statute saying that virginia can't compel it. is your statute in florida going to look at the virginia statute? >> it will. it will -- not identical, but the general theme that floridians have the right to not participate in some government mandated program. they have the right to decide for themselves what healthcare plan is best for them an their families. so the intent is identical. >> greta: state senator, thank you, sir. we'll be watching this as well. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: next, did then senator obama have his fingers crossed during the campaign? and is there now a middle class tax hike coming? or is that just republican scare tactics? report is coming up. and what was donald trump's wife do to him if he pulled a tiger woods? you are about to learn that very answer to that very question, because we have video of donald and his wife together on "the view." this is must-see tv. do not go away. [ sneezes ] ♪ music plays ♪ [
mine in whitesville, west virginia. for a locator, that's about an hour south of the capital of charleston. a state mining official in west virginia confirms six miners are dead, 21 others still unaccounted for and may be trapped. rescue workers, we're told, are on the scene at the upper big branch south mine which is opened by massie energy's performance coal company. this disaster comes four years and a few months after tragedy of is the sago coal mine in the eastern part of west virginia. in that accident 12 miners were killed, one survived after an explosion likely caused by a lightning strike. after say go-- and this is important-- a number of safety changes were implemented. including requirements coal companies provide additional emergency air supplies, better communications, better equipment and tracking devices. at this point, we have no idea what caused today's accident but we will tell you there have been three fatalities in the last dozen or so years at the very same mine. harry? >> smith: bob orr in washington, thanks very much. now the long-anticipated return of
with scattered frost. all of these counties in blue, likely scattered frost, including west virginia, where the temperatures are down into the upper 20s like yesterday morning. eastern shore in the low 40s. over the last hours. our sky has cleared out and lots of sunshine today. by noontime, ought to be in the 60s. then overnight tonight we'll have this past full moon up. it's not going to be as chilly by dawn on friday. ought to be down near 50. tomorrow's highs, low 80s and feeling like summertime and looking like the summertime pattern into the weekend too. saturday, partly cloudy and mid-80s, a chance of evening norms on sunday and perhaps get on monday. how's the traffic? >> a lot of roadwork in the overnight hours. we're moving along pretty well. traffic was being detoured for a while off the inner loop at i-66. that should be wrapped up. the district authorities are on the scene of a accident, minor in nature, but does involve an ambulance at new york avenue. authorities are on the scene. there was a patient in the ambulance and nobody seriously injured. another ambulance is on the s
. they are saying they want to see how he plays. >>> juju chang back from west virginia. it's good to have you back. >> happy to be back. thanks, robin. good morning to you both. we begin the headlines with the dangerous rescue mission underway right now at a west virginia coal mine. early this morning crews got the go ahead to begin making the trek under ground, in hopes of rescuing those four miners still missing since monday's explosion. david muir is there. i know you've been up all night again waiting for word. and you just heard from the govern governor? >> reporter: we did, the rescue teams have finally been allowed to enter the mine. they've been waiting for hours to do that, turning into days here. here are the numbers as we know them. four teams of eight are inside the mine as we speak. they went in at 4:55 this morning, a little more than two hours ago. they have to get five miles into that mine, though. it will be quite a trek to get to the refuge chamber, the place they're hoping the four, missing miners might have been able to get to. the major development that happened overnight that
for the update. >>> now to the latest on the deadly mine explosion in west virginia. the bodies of the four missing miners were found over the weekend, bringing the death toll to 29. making it the worst u.s. mining disaster in 40 years. cbs news correspondent jim axelrod still in montcoal, west virginia with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. federal investigators are set to arrive here soon in west virginia, perhaps as early as today, to begin looking in to just what happened in that deadly explosion at the upper big branch mine that occurred a week ago today. massey energy, the mine's owner, has a record with plenty to exam ib. in 2009, the mine had 458 safety violations. the investigation will take months to complete. >> if you're not using that information of a history of violations, if you're not using that to ensure that miners are not put at risk, it is toothless. >> reporter: jas >> jason adkins. >> reporter: it was a grim weekend here in southern west virginia. bells tolled in churches. >> william roosevelt lynch. >> reporter: after the bodies of the four missing miners were fo
of the hour, we have another fox news alert for you. they are hoping for the very, very best in west virginia this morning where four miners are still missing. crews are drilling bore holes in the mountain trying to ventilate it. get the noxious gases out, holding out hope that four guys are still alive much at least 25 are dead. steve centanni is live in west virginia with the latest. it's a race against time. i understand they have four days worth of oxygen down there and they want to get the bore holes in within the next day. >> that's right. we expect to see some progress on that today. they're drilling the bore holes in a very rough terrain on the side of a mountain really where they had to go in with bulldozers and make a road to make a flat -- platform where they could put the drill rig and drop it down 1100 feet into solid earth way deep into the mine where the miners are trapped. now, we don't know if any of those four unaccounted for are still alive. that's the big question mark. that's where they're dropping the ventilation shafts to clear the air so the crews can go in there. we
but only in virginia. president obama's decision to open up offshore drilling is driving a wedge between democrats. senator frank lautenberg saying drilling off the coast of virginia would endanger many of new jersey's beaches, but virginia democratic senators jim webb and mark warner are firmly on board urging president obama to move very quickly to open mid atlantic shores for oil and gas exploration. with us now for a fair and balanced debate, bob beckel. he's professor of advanced political studies at george washington university, he's also a fox news contributor. and dana perino, former white house press secretary, she's a fox news contributor as well. welcome to you both. >> thank you. trace: bob, you knew -- the president had to know which this going to raise a ruckus in the democratic party, right? >> oh, sure, he did. it was something he said he would do in the campaign, but the amount of drills we're talking about here is an awful lot. so the question is politically how does it play out for him? one, it does attract independent voters, but secondly, it will set the stage, i thi
of poland and his wife along with dozens of others. >>> first let's begin in west virginia. jim axelrod has the latest on this coal mine disaster. >> reporter: good morning. early this morning rescue workers confirmed what had been feared here all week that yes, those four missing miners were indeed dead. conditions were so bad inside the mine, so much smoke and so much dust, that those rescue teams had actually walked past the bodies of these mean miners their first trip on monday. just after midnight, a grim governor joe manchin of west virginia matt announcement. >> we did not receive the miracle we prayed for. we have accounted for four miners that had been unaccounted for. we have a total of 29 brave miners who we're recovering at this time. we have been spending time with the family as you can tell. it's a very difficult time, they're strong, loving and good people, but very, very hard times. >> reporter: you heard the governor talk there about 29 miners. seven bodies were taken out right after the explosion, that mean 2/2 more have to come out of the mine. no time table on that. a co
for metro customers if you ride the yellow or blue lines. a bit after slow go in virginia. metro single tracking between the reagan airport and the crystal city station because of a derailment. metro service says normal service should be back up and running farrly soon. >>> julie wright has the traffic now. >> we'll start off with the crew in sky fox. we have abeen checking out the ride around town. for those traveling westbound 495, tip kiel slowdown now awaiting you as you travel west of new hampshire avenue. -- typical slow downnow awaiting you as you travel west of new hampshire avenue. we'll take it back inside and update the ride southbound along 270. lane are open on the top stretch approaching and passing 109. we do find delays here in germantown headed south of father hurly boulevard. you will slow again montrose road headed out towards the split. coming in from the west, 66 is slowing in manassas. you will find delays at 13, nutley street to the beltway. live shot here the inbound new york avenue. you will find delays trying to get through the traffic lights here at bladensbu
in montcoal, west virginia. searchers returned to the mine today to recover the last of the nine bodies still trap inside. a moment of silence was held for the victims at 3:30 this afternoon. and president obama ordered the u.s. flags in west virginia be flown at half staff in honor of the 29 men killed in the disaster. >>> later this afternoon. investigators announced that the pittsburgh steelers quarterback, ben ruthless berger will not be a-- roethlisberger will not be accused of sexual abouts. >> if i did i would do so and i'm admitting to you that i can't. >> that district attorney said that there are some still questions about what actually happened at the millageville georgia night club. but they do not want to speak about this any further. they claim that the quarterback raped her back in 2008. for >>> we have a health alert for women linking alcohol to breast cancer. and that's not so new. but a study by the journal pediatrics said that heavy drinking early on leads to the risk. sandra hughs reports. >> reporter: there is nothing to toast in the latest findings that alcohol may be li
at a school in virginia when a 12-year-old showed up with a gun. police say the sixth grade boy flashed the weapon to friends at his bus stop and when he got to the potomac middle school, he pulled the gun out, put it to his head and threatened to hurt himself. the teacher was able to get the gun way from him. police say the gun belonged to one. his parents and was legally registered. >>> the maryland general assembly worked late into the night approving new legislation and later this morning, the governor will sign several of the approved bills into law. they approved a $13.2 million operating budget. among the deals they got done, a ban on hand held cell phone reduce use while driving. drivers could be fined $40. anti-gang laws that would make it easier to prosecutor pr gang members an enforce stiffer penalties against them also passed. maryland lawmaker have also approved several changes that will crack down on sex offenders in response to the murder of 11-year-old sarah foxwell murdered last december allegedly by a registered sex offender. also, changes approved yesterday, lifetime
will receive friends and well-wishers at a visitation later this evening in manassas, virginia. it will take place from 6:00 to 9:00 tonight at the pierce funeral home located at 9609 center street. the public is welcomed. a funeral service and burial are set for tomorrow and will be private. >>> d.c.'s schools will hold a public memorial for brian betts on saturday, may 1, car zoez a senior high in northwest washington. a day of service will take place for betts tomorrow at the school that he led shaw at garnett patterson. the tribute will be held for students, parents, and staff at the school a week from tomorrow. >>> court documents show that a tumultuous relationship may have sparked a fatal shooting of a frostburg state basketball player. brandon carroll of waldorf was shot and killed early sunday near campus. teammate ellis hartridge of southeast d.c. was also shot. according to court records, hartridge's former girlfriend also used to date the alleged shooter, tyrone hall. hartridge and the former girlfriend, have protective orders against each other. police tell us hall claims he sho
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